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At age eight, Marcia K's creative mind in the field of art was already exploring. With New York City as her canvas, the young artisan began painting and designing. Not satisfied with just a traditional art education, she sought out and studied under Italian Master Toto Tamburino for many years. Later, she continued her quest at the Interior and Architectural Design School of the University of Pennsylvania.

For the past 30 years, Marcia K has had the pleasure of working for many people in NY and Florida. This has culminated in the most creative work of her career…the designing and renovations she has done in the prestigious homes of South Florida. From North Miami to Palm Beach, her designs have transformed homes into one of a kind living environments. Ms. K's artistry is known and in demand, in both America and Europe, where she has traveled to study her craft.

"I was given a wonderful gift and unusual talent for not only visually imaging a room immediately, but for developing the most unique ideas that will delight your emotional happiness. Thank you for the privilege of showing you some of my work and I hope to meet with you for conversation and consultation."

An Interview with Marcia K 

What type of client works best with you?
" Where there is a meeting of the minds, the results are magical. When people meet me, they feel my sincerity and my love of my craft. When we have an immediate rapport, that is the ultimate relationship."

You have many International clients. What types of designing have you done for them?
"One German client, while in Berlin, called to consult with me to place marble floors throughout the entire apartment, and reconstruct his bathrooms. After meeting and seeing my architectural plans, he hired me to do his whole apartment, including raising ceilings, installing modern controlled lighting and audio systems, the marble flooring, and selecting furniture. He didn't return to see the renovation until it was complete, and was thrilled with the results." ( See architectural page 1 )

Who was your most unusual client?
"During my NY career, I was introduced to an Indian Raja, who resided in Hong Kong. He mailed me architectural plans for the mega-mansion he was planning to build. He then flew to New York to consult with me about the designing, and to purchase unusual elements for this home. I created a marble and stone floor that resembled a curving Hollywood style dance floor. It swept you from the house to the pool, which featured lighted glass figures around its perimeter. Another unique plan of the four story residence was that it was designed with ramps instead of steps. I selected the modern lighting system in the LR and DR, that was constructed in various levels of design, and were timed to go on at all different intervals. This home was so innovative that my clients today are still amazed at the intricacy of the plans."

How do you visualize the new concept for a home?
"Not too many people can immediately enter a room, and visualize many new ideas that are not necessarily in the scope of a person's imagination…. I do not just arrange furniture, and pictures on the wall. I create a stylistic environment, so that when people enter your home, they say that they have never seen anything like this before."

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